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What is the role of the copper pipe of the air conditioner? Why do air conditioners use copper pipes?
The purpose of the special air-conditioning copper pipes and fittings for the connection between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is to connect the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The refrigerant (Freon, commonly known as refrigerant) passes through the connecting pipe. For example, in cooling mode (that is, in summer), the indoor unit absorbs the indoor heat (exhaust cold air), and after the refrigerant becomes a low-pressure medium-temperature refrigerant, it is sent to the outdoor unit through a larger copper pipe. You can touch the larger copper pipe with your hand and it will feel colder while having water on the surface.
Is it better to use copper pipe or aluminum pipe for the connection between the internal and external units of the air conditioner?
Air conditioners are generally divided into indoor units and outdoor units. The two devices need to be connected to start work. The connecting materials usually include copper pipes and aluminum pipes. The connecting pipe of the internal and external units is used to transport the refrigerant of the air conditioner, and the outside of the connecting pipe is also connected to the heat sink of the air conditioner, so if the quality of the connecting pipe is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner.
What are the air conditioning accessories?
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2022-02-11 18:12
Air conditioning accessories include circuit control boards, wire controllers, manifolds, refrigerants, electronic expansion valves, motors, compressors, liquid mirrors, and ball valves.
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