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Surface Treatment Process for Machining of Mechanical Parts
In the processing of parts, the requirements for strength and toughness are relatively high. Its working performance and service life are closely related to its surface properties. However, the improvement of surface properties cannot be achieved simply by relying on materials, and it is also a very uneconomical approach. However, in actual processing, its performance has reached the standard. At this time, surface treatment technology is required. Mold polishing technology is a very important link in the field of mold surface treatment, and it is also an important process in the processing of workpieces.
What are the precautions for the processing of mechanical parts
Before machining parts, be sure to pay attention to the density of the material. If the density is too high, it is equivalent to a great hardness. If the hardness exceeds the hardness of the lathe tool, it cannot be processed, which will not only damage the parts, but also cause danger. For example, the knife flies out and hurts people. So, what are the precautions for the material processing of parts? The materials for parts processing are divided into two categories, metallic materials and non-metallic materials. For metal materials, the hardness is stainless steel, followed by cast iron, followed by copper. The processing of ceramics, plastics, etc. belongs to the processing of non-metallic materials.
What are the characteristics of auto parts processing
Auto parts processing has many advantages. We have also shared with you the specific advantages of auto parts processing before. It is obvious that it can achieve high precision that cannot be achieved by ordinary processing. High precision also depends on the processing equipment and accurate restraint of the automobile. system, and use the car mask as an intermediary to achieve fine control of the amount of material removed or added to the outer layer,
Application of CNC lathe machining in automobile manufacturing
In the production of today's automobile manufacturing industry, the development cycle of new products is continuously shortened, and the cost is also continuously reduced. According to some data, the development cycle of automobile products ten years ago required four years; today, it can be completed in only two years. In addition to the adoption of advanced new product development methods, virtual manufacturing, synchronous engineering and other advanced development technologies by automobile manufacturers, it is important to benefit from the efforts of equipment suppliers who provide manufacturing equipment for automobile manufacturing, especially these Equipment suppliers offer a variety of CNC lathes that allow automotive manufacturers to deliver products that meet market demands at a fast pace.
What should be paid attention to when processing auto hardware parts
Auto hardware processing refers to the processing of some small-diameter hardware parts. The materials and design drawings for the processing of auto hardware parts are more important. Therefore, some matters need to be paid attention to when processing auto hardware parts, otherwise it may be Will lead to product scrapping and other phenomena, so what should we pay attention to when processing automotive hardware? Matters needing attention when processing automotive hardware parts: 1. As I said just now, the processing of automotive hardware is to process some hardware parts with small diameters, so the design drawings of this product must be accurate, and the parts are missing by a thousand miles. If the drawings are inaccurate, it may lead to production. The parts that come out cannot be used, thereby increasing the cost of production. 2. When processing automotive hardware, the operator should maintain the correct posture, have sufficient energy to cope with the work, concentrate on the operation, strictly prohibit chatting, and cooperate with each other. The operator should not operate in a state of irritability and fatigue.
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